Hey ya’ll! My name is Kristi Hepp! I’m a 27 year old native Okie, and I’m super excited to be a part of the team in Iowa.

I really love Jesus. My life has been full of joy but has also carried its seasons of sorrow. In the midst of every season, Jesus has met me. I am truly among those saved only by the grace of Christ. It is now my greatest joy to share His crazy love with others, that they too may come alive to the hope of Christ.

One of my favorite ways to lead people to Jesus is through worship and songwriting. I have been helping with worship since I was fourteen years old. Two years ago I quit my full time job as an elementary teacher to be a worship intern at my church. During the internship, I not only grew practically as a worship leader through mentoring and teaching, but the Holy Spirit also did a lot of healing in my heart. I am learning to see God in every moment of my story and love helping others see Him in theirs as well. 

In my free time I love riding my bike, having coffee with friends, pranking the people I love, and all things having to do with cats!

Two years ago when I first moved in with the Kimberley family, I would have never dreamed I would be going to Iowa to join them in planting a church. It’s amazing and kind of funny to look back and see God working quietly in each moment to bring about His good purposes. He has a kind and gracious way of slowly moving us to the next thing.

It is with joy and great eagerness that I say “yes” to life and ministry in Iowa. I truly cannot wait to see how God will bring hope to so many people, young and old. May His kingdom come to Collins, Iowa and continue all across the fields of rural America. I’m here for it!

You can listen to some of Kristi's music here: https://www.kristiheppmusic.com/media/